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891 E. Davison Lake Rd.
Metamora, MI 48455
Phone: 248.628.5843

Productive Ambulatory Veterinarian
Dr. Thaler is always on the go serving the horses in our practice. He travels 5 to 6 days per week starting early in the morning and continuing until late in the evening. Evaluating a horse in an arena or taking radiographs stall side does not always close his day or start his day.

The start of the day often begins with radiographic comparisons at a multi monitor viewing station in the office with a good strong cup of coffee or tea. Or, he may be reviewing a journal article to find the evidence to support a thought process on a difficult internal medicine case. Or, he may complete the previous day’s medical findings on the last three or four lameness cases that were done. There are always pieces of information with countless details to put together so that a case that has been evaluated is properly documented.

The day in the field is a just small part of his day to day activities. Phone consultations, insurance documents, laboratory interpretations and journal reading to remain current on changing treatment protocols or technology advancements are very much a part of Dr. Thaler's daily work schedule.

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